15th Years Anniversary



Here you can see the COMPLETE Walt Disney Set. Composed of 51 different cans.
(if you want read the list of the cans, click here)


Here some "Variant":
- (first line) - You can look some coke can with the top undulated.
- (second line) - You can look some coke can, only diet, with the background "lines" behind the "15 years" logo, while some do not have the lines behind the "15 years" logo.
- (third line) - Those are the official variants. Jimmy with white background display and Bashful with yellow cap. (then, there is and other Bashful with olive green cap)









2 SPECIAL cans produced for the KOSHER market:


th Years Anniversary (7 cans)(1991)

Mickey's ToonTown (11 cans)(1993)



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