---===== How to ship the empty cans safely  =====---


  Here is an example of what will happen if you use a  thin box without any reinforcement to ship the cans.


To ship empty cans, a proper mailbox is necessary. Usually, it can be regular cartoon paper box or polystyrene box. Ideally, polystyrene box is a better option, because it won’t deflect too much. Therefore, it requires less effort to reinforce the box. Just make sure the cans will not move around the box is good enough.


If you are using regular cartoon paper box, proper reinforcement to box is required. Many people think, using bubble wrapper or polystyrene foam can properly protect the cans. This is true to the full cans, but not for the empty cans. If it is full cans, when the box is compressed, because the cans are harder then the wrapper or foam, the wrapper or foam will be compressed and deformed to protect the cans. However, on the other hand. If it is empty cans, when the box is compressed, because the cans are weaker then the wrapper or foam, the cans will be deformed first.

Therefore, our main intension is to strengthen the box and minimize the deformation. Of course, it may not be economical (shipping cost may increase) to make a really hard box that won’t deform. So, the second step is to make sure there are sufficient room for the box to deform. Do not make the box too tight for the cans. When the box is compressed, it should not touch the cans. Only use very soft protection, such as, sliced paper, very soft polystyrene, or even toilet to hold the position of cans. The purpose of these protections is just to avoid the cans move around too much during shipping. These materials must be softer then the empty cans. If the box is properly reinforced, these materials may not be necessary.

Therefore, the simplest way is to put the cans in an oversized cartoon box and surround them with above materials. You may test it by pressing it really hard at the center. If the deflects too much and compress the cans, the box need to be reinforced.

Below are a few examples showing how to reinforce the cartoon paper box :

The box is reinforced by thick polystyrene sheet at top and bottom of the box. For best performance,  the polystyrene sheet should be in one piece. Please beware that the box must be deep enough to hold both the cans and the thick polystyrene sheet and the polystyrene sheet should be at top and bottom position. Not on the sides.

The box is reinforced by cartoon paper. Each cell should be a little bigger then the size of a can. The can should be free to move a little. Do not make it too tight. No other protection material is required.

This is a double layer cartoon paper box. It is stronger then that of single layer. Therefore, it requires less reinforcement.


---===== How to open a can... =====---

TOP OPEN (classic)

BOTTOM OPEN (by two little holes in the bottom)


It consists in making a very small hole on the can, then you pour all the contents out.
The can looks like it was never opened, but it is empty.

A very sharp cutter and a can.
Turn the ring of the can.
foto binnenkort

foto binnenkort
Make a dot with the cutter.
foto binnenkort

foto binnenkort

Turn the can upside down, and shake the can.
Pour the contents out.
Do that 2 or 3 times just whene the can is empty.
foto binnenkort

After some time, the can will still have some contents.
Turn the can upside down, and heat up the can with a hair drier.
The air inside the can will expand, pouring the rest of contents out.
Clean up the can.
foto binnenkort
Turn the ring of the can back
and ready! (air filled can)
foto binnenkort
 foto binnenkort



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